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    *They Rock My Socks!*                        

These are some of the people (admittedly...they're mostly guys) who really rock my socks.  Some are TV or movie characters, some are actors, and some are people that I actually know.  Please, If you decide to take any of these images, remember to credit me with them, because I DID make them myself.  I also took the liberty of making more than one of some people.  I know not everyone shares the same taste. 

Thanks so much and enjoy!

Comments about this page:
Come on you guys!  Snape really isn't a bad guy!  Don't you just love his mysterious qualities?  Oooh...and that awesome, deep, velvety voice.  Well...No matter what y'all say, he's awesome!  (Are you noticing the excessive use of "awesome"?)


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