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                     Name:  Kiana-chan (or K-chan...you didn't think I'd put my real name here did ya?!)
                     Birthday:  January 7, 1987
                     Occupation:  Air National Guard and Looking For a Job
Location:  USA
                     Favorite Colors:  Pink, Green, & Orange
                     Favorite Foods:  Sushi, Dim Sum, Fried Rice, Chocolate
                     Likes:  Food, Travel, Anime, Manga, Reading, Writing, Video Games
                     Dislikes:  Stupid People                    
                     I  have ancestors from:  France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, 
                                                                      Ireland, Poland, China, Phillipines, Spain,
                                                                      Hawaii, and Portugal.          

                     These are some pretty generic things about myself,
                     but if you want to find out more about me, visit
my blog!  Haha!